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Xierkangtai believes that the development of an enterprise counts on the quality and credibility. Thus, we put a lot of emphasis on quality and build a strict quality system. According to the diversity of function, property and condition, the Department of Quality is divided into physicochemical room, common equipment room, precise equipment room, HPLC room, GC room, microbiology room, sampling room and titration room. This can effectively avoid the cross contamination during testing. The quality team is professional and skillful. All the members of the team graduated from pharmaceutical college or chemical colleges and were well trained. They can expertly do the physicochemical test of raw materials arrived, intermediates during manufacturing and finished products. Apart from professional personnels, the equipments are also very advanced. Now, the Department of Quality has more than 30 different equipments including HPLC, GC, UV, IR and Atomic absorbing tester, total organic carbon tester. All the equipments are advanced and up-to-date in order to assure the accuracy and precision of results. Xierkangtai insists that any materials involved in the manufacturing must be high quality and every step of operation must be high standard.


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Xierkangtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was established in 1998 and the meaning of “Xierkangtai” in Chinese is “a good wish of your health”. The company is located in Yanzhou city which is one of 9 states of ancient China. The east of Yanzhou is Qufu which is the hometown of the great philosopher, Confucius. The west is Liangshan. Mount Tai and Weishan Lake are on the north and south of Yanzhou, respectively. The location of Yanzhou is very beneficial and the transport is very modern. Railway, highway, air and water transport are all available here.