2011 Chinese medicine to deal with high-level seminar on EU registration

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In "Opportunity · Challenge · mission" as the theme of "2011 Chinese senior EU registration respond Seminar" held in Lanzhou, July 3, the meeting issued a "Declaration of Lanzhou internationalization of Chinese medicine." Head of Deputy Minister of Health, State Administration of Traditional Secretary Wang Guoqiang, the State Department of Foreign Trade, WTO Affairs and other relevant ministries and industry associations, Lanzhou Municipal People's Government leadership, the medical experts domestic universities and research institutes at home and abroad Chinese enterprises on behalf of the participants. Meeting on how to simplify the use of EU traditional herbal registration instructions promulgated an opportunity to realize the identity of Chinese medicine to enter the EU pharmaceutical market drugs and discuss proposed new EU registration of traditional Chinese medicine ideas and measures.

Wang Guoqiang Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical concentrated pills of the first to submit a simplified application for registration of traditional herbal medicinal EU expressed its appreciation to the Swedish State Drug Administration. He said the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine registered in the European Union attaches great importance. Chinese medicine to the world, Chinese medicine is the key. Chinese medicine products registered in the European Union is successful, it will be registered in other countries to serve as a model for the promotion of Chinese medicine to the world of great significance.

Wang Guoqiang stressed that the next ten years is to achieve a critical period of Chinese medicine comprehensive international and Chinese medicine development must be integrated into the framework of the national development strategy, give full play to the advantages and the role of Chinese medicine in international cooperation and exchanges, and grasp the right direction, some As. To study the deepening of the EU Pharmaceutical Affairs and the relevant rules, full access to information, culture Pharmaceutical Affairs as soon as possible a number of familiar with the international rules, with a global vision, master of traditional Chinese medicine industry development personnel, clear the drug in the form of traditional Chinese medicine products into the EU feasible path, scientifically determine the main direction, and actively explore effective models; to further increase investment, improve the safety, efficacy and quality of products, respond to changing international competition, the Chinese medicine industry bigger and stronger; to promote within the outside, promotion of traditional Chinese medicine products, processes and packaging level, Chinese medicine to the world, long-term occupation of the world market is fully prepared to create a number of plants, boutiques, name drugs in the world; to further develop the "World Federation of Chinese Medicine Enterprise" and other cooperation mechanism of action, to avoid vicious competition.

Meeting according to the consensus reached by the delegates issued a "Declaration of Lanzhou internationalization of Chinese medicine," and proposed to promote the process of modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine, improve international competitiveness andinternational market share of Chinese medicine products, it is our common historical responsibility and glorious mission. Suggested that the domestic Chinese enterprises to actively cooperate withrelevant research institutes, and the establishment of cooperation with the EU herbal medicine

Meeting by the Chinese Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lanzhou Municipal People's Government and other organized Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. contractors.


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