China Charity Federation traced to collect additional contributions 50,000 yuan exchange 15 million invoices

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Person broke open tax-free invoice additional contributions shall reply to the China Charity Federation, said today

Yesterday, broke Suntech "donation door" Luo Fan Hua, said the China Charity Federation to open tax-free invoice before, need their cash donations, the other just relax audit. China Charity Federation, said the matter is not clear, the survey responses today.

Yesterday, broke Suntech "donation door" Luo Fan Hua broke the news, said the China Charity Federation to open tax-free invoice attached, "was to give charity a cash donation, which is the unspoken rules. As long as there strings attached, donations is in place, the other side will not rigorous examination. " Luo Fan Hua, said April 28 that he would 5 million in cash transfer check to the China Charity Federation, the Ministry of Finance accounting very fact, and the other was issued a 15 million yuan of tax-free invoice. Reporters saw 50,000 yuan Luo Fan Hua invoice provided by the China Charity Federation out, donated unit is Beijing innovative Italian Education Ltd., donated funds for the work of the project. Luo Fan Hua, said last year, they opened 17 million yuan of tax-free invoices to the China Charity Federation 80,000 yuan cash checks.

For Luo Fan Hua say, still unaware of the China Charity Federation, said, related personnel, said today the matter of the survey responses. The official also said that when Charity donations do not extract management fees, do not get government funding nor the national establishment, no state appropriated employees wages and benefits, always rely on to create the Pioneer Fund early and progressive development The fund, interest support operations.

China Charity Federation Secretary-General Liu Guolin said the survey by the Federation confirmed Suntech donations underway, donations will be completed before the end of the year. "Contest," the organizing committee also said they recognized Suntech's donations, but do not want to donate goods to the Luo Fan Hua and organizer operations. According to reports, Luo Fan Hua due to public interest in the competition when registering another new company, Suntech remove him from office, he broke the news to the media "donation door." Luo Fan Hua, said he was originally a deputy general manager of Beijing Innovation Italian Education Limited, is resign. He said that after Suntech donations the library has not been in place, he decided to quit the recovery of materials, then register a new company is irrelevant because the need office space, and donations.

Reporters also learned that the Copyright Society of China Education Committee has sent a letter yesterday dismissed from their posts, said the Secretary-General Luo Fan Hua. (Reporter Wang Yi Chen buckwheat)


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