Railways: high-speed rail adjustment diagram on the first day of good punctuality rate of 100%

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BEIJING, Aug. 17, according to the Ministry of Railways website news, 16 August, 4 the introduction of new high-speed rail passenger operation diagram full, good running order. As at 15:00 on the 16th, running more than 240 EMU train punctuality rate of 100%.

According to a State Council executive meeting of the deployment of August 10, the railway sector research to develop high-speed rail operations early speed adjustment programs, adjusted according to changes in operating speed train operation diagram relevant lines, and organizing the implementation of two sub-stages. At 0:00 on August 16, the first phase diagram adjustment in the four high-speed rail formally implemented, involving the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city, Hainan East Central, Guangzhou-Zhuhai intercity three operating speed of adjustment of high-speed rail and CRH380BL China North Vehicle Group produced by EMU recall the impact of adjusting the operating diagram of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail.

On the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail to adjust the diagram, reduce the number of open lines of reason, the Internet and media recently have some questions. The reality is that since China CNR CRH380BL EMU preliminary operations more failures, to ensure security and order, the Ministry of Railways asking them to recall all 54 groups of this type of EMU. The EMU in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail investment group with 36, accounting for 42% of 300 km Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail speed EMU. Recall the EMU, causing a significant impact on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail train plan, resulting in the railway sector have to adjust the operating diagram, reducing Train logarithm. In order to meet passenger needs, the railway departments to take various measures to raise the vehicle. From Beijing, Shanghai Railway Bureau tube other lines and the Wuhan Railway Bureau mobilized 12 groups CRH380A type and CRH380AL EMU into the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, and the original reconnection CDB four groups CRH380A EMU adjusted to a single set of CDB, best efforts to reduce the impact of EMU recall the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail train line number and density.

After running Fig adjustment, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail train line to reduce the number of 22 pairs from 88 pairs to 66 pairs of adjustment; Fig given by the guest number 155,000 adjusted 100,000. As at 15:00 on August 16, the day of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail has sold 145,000 tickets sold on August 17 90,000 tickets.


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