China in June to continue holdings of US debt amounted to 1.1655 trillion US dollars held

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US Treasury Department data released last night showed that Chinese holdings of US Treasuries in June, $ 5.7 billion, making a total of $ 1.1655 trillion US dollars, is still out first in the world. This is the third consecutive month Chinese holdings of US Treasury bonds since April this year, the amount of growth together hold $ 20.6 billion.

The data also show that China's June net holding of over one year of long-term debt was $ 4.113 billion, a net reduction of the "two rooms" based agency debt $ 2.685 billion, a net increase of $ 340 million holding company debt, stock positions fell $ 208 million.

The holdings of the data, the US long-term debt credit rating was downgraded starkly. Analysts pointed out that the top priority is to accelerate the reform of the RMB exchange rate regime, in particular, to increase the volatility of the RMB against the US dollar. Industrial Bank chief economist Lu political commissar, said: "This once again shows that the renminbi could not get rid of the shackles of the dollar need to do now is to widen the yuan volatility.."

US Treasury data also show that the amount of US Treasury holdings in June is still ranked second in Japan, but Japan has underweight positions month to $ 911 billion, to $ 912.4 billion last month. The data also show that among the top five holdings of US Treasury bonds, in addition to China and the UK holdings of US Treasury bonds, and the remaining countries and regions (Japan, OPEC, Brazil) June average holdings of US Treasury bonds. (Reporters high morning)


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