Li Keqiang announced six measures central support Hong Kong

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China news agency, Hong Kong, August 17 (Reporter Wu Guanxiong) - Hu Jintao, Vice Premier Li Keqiang attended the 17th national "five" of financial planning and economic and trade cooperation and development forum in Hong Kong, and announced a series of central government We support the further development of Hong Kong to deepen economic, trade, financial and other aspects of the Mainland and Hong Kong cooperation in a number of new policy measures.

Li said the new policy measures include: a dramatically improves the Mainland and Hong Kong service trade openness. The mainland will take more active measures to expand Hong Kong's traditional services and new services, including the industry's focus on health care, legal services, construction services, test validation, and support for Hong Kong set up travel agencies in the Mainland. Services will further relax those standards, trade and investment facilitation to enrich the content, effectively expanding CEPA ("Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement") and benefited, continue to promote in Guangdong Province pilot, in "Twelve Five", the realization of the Mainland and Hong Kong service trade liberalization.

Second, to consolidate and enhance Hong Kong's international financial center. The central government will support Hong Kong equity portfolio in the mainland introduced, that is, before the so-called exchange-traded fund, continued to support mainland enterprises listed in Hong Kong, Hong Kong-incorporated banks allow mainland to participate in mutual fund sales. Mainland to Hong Kong banks will continue to improve the level and quality of open support of Hong Kong bank in Guangdong Province in the form of sub-branches of reasonable distribution, balanced layout, to support the establishment of the Hong Kong insurance companies or business institutions enter the mainland market through equity participation, to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the insurance product development, business management and operations management.

Third, the support of developing Hong Kong into an offshore renminbi center. The central government will actively support the development of Hong Kong's RMB market, expanding renminbi funds between Hong Kong and the Mainland cycle distribution channels to expand the scope of cross-border RMB settlement to the country, support the use of RMB in Hong Kong direct investment in the territory, allowing the yuan to qualified foreign investors to invest in domestic securities market, starting amounting to 20 billion yuan. The increase in domestic financial institutions to issue RMB bonds in Hong Kong to allow domestic enterprises to issue RMB bonds in Hong Kong to expand the scale of domestic institutions to issue RMB bonds in Hong Kong. The central government to issue RMB bonds in Hong Kong will serve as a long-term institutional arrangements, and gradually expand the issue size.

Fourth, support for Hong Kong's participation in international and regional economic cooperation. The central government supports Hong Kong's participation neighboring and regional cooperation, the recent support of East Asia cooperation, and to explore the possibility of joining a free trade agreement in Hong Kong in the Mainland have signed more when taking into account the interests of Hong Kong in future negotiations with foreign investment, enhancing both the WTO and APEC coordination and interaction.

Fifth, promote joint enterprise between the Mainland and Hong Kong to go. Central aspects from the project docking, expanding investment, information exchange, personnel training, increase joint Mainland enterprises and Hong Kong enterprises to go out of policy support, and actively guide Mainland and Hong Kong enterprises to explore the international market, the establishment of commodity marketing network, to encourage joint investment, joint bidding, joint contracting projects, etc. jointly explore the international investment and infrastructure construction market.

Six plays an important role in the cooperation between Guangdong and Hong Kong. Central Hong Kong and Guangdong will speed up the implementation, the Guangdong-Macao cooperation framework agreement to create a more competitive modern service industry base to support the construction area of financial cooperation with Hong Kong as the leading build the Pearl River Delta and quality living, support the stable development of Hong Kong-owned processing trade and restructuring and upgrading.

The central government will deepen the Mainland and Hong Kong tourism development, environmental protection, health, food security, pension services, realization of land, finance, labor, personnel and other support policies to support cooperation in the construction of modern service industry Qianhai Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and actively develop innovative financial, modern logistics, information services and other professional services, enhance the Mainland and Hong Kong infrastructure docking, Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong and Macao to improve transport mechanism, strengthening co-operation of water supply, electricity, gas and other network cooperation. (Finish)


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